Blast Room

We can sandblast components up to a maximum dimension of 6,000 x 6,000 x 12,000 mm in our blast room. A hopper is employed to hold the varying abrasive media types suitable for aluminium, stainless steel etc.

The blast pot is a pressurised container in which the abrasive grit is sealed with a mixing valve located on the underside. The compressed air stream flows through this valve and the connected main blasting hose and the blasting nozzle. The abrasive grit is released in to this airflow and accelerated down the blasting hose to the blasting nozzle and required exit speed. Exit velocity speeds of up to 250 m/s can be achieved.

Pressure blasting is mainly employed in the blast room and in high-performance blast cabinets. The advantages include the high flexibility through the use of different nozzles and application of varying abrasive grit media types (edged or rounded).