Factory Applied Protective Coatings

There has been an explosive development in the field of elastomers in recent decades and a multitude of new material types and variants have emerged. Some of the new materials possess high chemical resistance, whilst others have good abrasion resistance and these process developments can also be adapted to the field of corrosion protection. Research and development into conventional materials has also been simultaneously performed and new and improved material properties have been identified. This continuing and fast paced technical development is likely to bring still further improvements in the near future.

Requirements pertaining to durability have become more prevalent to reflect the increasingly rapid manufacturing processes in the industry and the application engineer is frequently confronted with complex tasks and challenges related to linings where chemical wear is combined with mechanical abrasion.

Generally however, it should be noted that more efficient and economical production methods exist today due to the increase in industrial demand and usage of rubber and synthetic protective linings and coatings in varying production processes.