Protective Rubber Coatings

NR and SBR rubber hardness coatings include:

  • 40 Shore A: Protection in wet areas in order to avoid material deposition
  • 60 Shore A: Protection in dry conditions, larger grain sizes possible
  • 80 Shore A: Extreme durability rubber coatings mainly used on rollers

We currently use about 50 different grades of rubber with varying hardness in our production.

40 Shore A grade rubber for:

  • Chutes
  • Rollers
  • Funnels
  • Impellers
  • Flotation chambers
  • Cyclones

60 Shore A grade rubber for:

  • Rubber Sheets

in thicknesses 6-35 mm, smooth and profiled
Standard width 1,600 mm
Roll lengths up to 50,000 mm
Attachment via screws, adhesives or vulcanisation.

  • Rubber-steel composite panels

in thicknesses up to 200 mm
Heavy duty fixing via bolts

  • Replaceable modules for heavy wear applications such as hopper or bin linings
Fixing by clamping or adapter bars

Advantage: Replacement of modules on an individual basis